Monday, January 11, 2010

stardust kids.

my cousin found this and facebook linked it for me, its pretty great.
TRIPPY, but a good listen..anything david bowie related and MGMT related is fine by me, but this time its both together.
enough said? i think so :)


well i bunked school today due to being ill and i woke up early to clean out my closet.
...i didnt do a very good job i just ended up taking snapshots of what i want to put up on lookbook.
I've applied to being a member, and i really hope i get to create an account. i am so OBSESSED, its love.

i also realised today that my dress that i wore for new years is missing in action but i was able to text a few people and i tracked it down...left it at a friends place along with my black pumps :/ hopefully getting it back soon, its lovely and from my dads collection :) when i get it back ill make sure to take some photos and upload, its black and completely sequined..i acted as the disco ball for the night but i didnt mind, retro fever.

I'm thinking of maybe putting up some designs from my dads new local branch of clothing as a shopblog as well as get together some great stuff from the local flea markets and thrift stores, there about a million in bangkok that i love. Could work out great, hit back if you think itll work. I'll still put up some choices and favorites just to let everyone get a feel for the shopping here.

sooo ill create another post with a few collages and pictures i took today of my lookbook-obssessed-dressingup-russhhh.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

hometown lovee

being from Thailand, Thakoon Panichgul has always been an inspiration to me when it came to pursuing fashion and because im such a follower and stalker of his works, i felt i needed to share my favorite looks from his new Pre/Spring Summer 2010 collection.

(apologies for the frequent posts tonight, im down with the flu and have not moved from my computer in a week, googling and reading blogs has become my permanent lifestyle and i love it!)

plato's atlantis

you were my inspiration.

alexander mcqueen, oh how much i love thee..
definitely my favorite SpringSummer2010 collection so far, DEFINITELY.
i want, i want, i want, I NEED!
the colors, fabrics and the shoes...*faints* :))

my favorites:


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keep on keeping on.

mixtures of photos over christmas break.

bring your daughter to work day, things i worked on while at my dads workplace.

an animal printed layered mini,

a lightweight two toned denim mini,

crisp black day-work shorts

and a color-block plaid day dress :)

fabrics that i looooooved.

fun fashion days:

spastic children and Monopoly Money

Welcoming 2010 at Mingles + New Years Weekend at the Beeeach (Tennis Friendly between Maria Sharapova and Venus Williams and lots and lots of food, and bonfires by the pool)

PRESENTS from The United States (credits to my little sisters friends)

Saturday, January 9, 2010


currently listening to:
bright lights-placebo

soo...lets do this thing.

stomach flu
broken joysticks
nothing to watch on tv
tila tequila? (she spent 30 minutes telling people she wouldnt answer
dried nailpolish
end of winterbreak (joy, my brain needs to start functioning again)
loads of food around and being cut off from eating it (diet restrictions while sick, someone kill the flu)
shallow reality shows
bus carrying footballers machine-gunned in africa

cassie from skins
sleeping for a week
mexican food
lady gagas hair
music video marathon at three in the morning
blackberry messenger
cheesy family movies :)
reliable headphones

currently listening to:
rock your soul- elisa

favorite picks from the spring 2010 shows and collections:

first three photos credited to Marc Jacobs New Spring Collection 2010
fourth credited to Just Cavalli Spring Collection 2010
fifth and sixth credited to Diane Von Furstenburg Spring Cruise Collection 2010

currently listening to:
dog days are over- florence and the machine

thats all for now i guess :)

havent given up.

i think this is how this blog is going to work.

  • each post will be SHORT (no need for draggy posts, we all have lives and other blogs we want to read, and designers and bands we need to stalk)
  • posts will start with wins & losses of the week/ wickeds (awesomes) and ghastlys (no-nos) of the week, there needs to be some kind of order to this blog :)
  • fashion posts, new shows, special shoots, winning collections, neeeeeeeeeds and my splurges and additions to my closet..and special brand scoop on behalf of my dads job *woot woot*
  • music posts, myspace links, youtube links, bands need checking out, new tour dates, photos.
  • school news...whatever i have to report on little league sports and insanely tough drama classes
  • MOVIE NEWS...durhur..e! news.
  • pictures, pictures, picturesssssss :)
stay tuned.
i hope to make this work.