Saturday, January 9, 2010

havent given up.

i think this is how this blog is going to work.

  • each post will be SHORT (no need for draggy posts, we all have lives and other blogs we want to read, and designers and bands we need to stalk)
  • posts will start with wins & losses of the week/ wickeds (awesomes) and ghastlys (no-nos) of the week, there needs to be some kind of order to this blog :)
  • fashion posts, new shows, special shoots, winning collections, neeeeeeeeeds and my splurges and additions to my closet..and special brand scoop on behalf of my dads job *woot woot*
  • music posts, myspace links, youtube links, bands need checking out, new tour dates, photos.
  • school news...whatever i have to report on little league sports and insanely tough drama classes
  • MOVIE NEWS...durhur..e! news.
  • pictures, pictures, picturesssssss :)
stay tuned.
i hope to make this work.

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