Monday, January 11, 2010


well i bunked school today due to being ill and i woke up early to clean out my closet.
...i didnt do a very good job i just ended up taking snapshots of what i want to put up on lookbook.
I've applied to being a member, and i really hope i get to create an account. i am so OBSESSED, its love.

i also realised today that my dress that i wore for new years is missing in action but i was able to text a few people and i tracked it down...left it at a friends place along with my black pumps :/ hopefully getting it back soon, its lovely and from my dads collection :) when i get it back ill make sure to take some photos and upload, its black and completely sequined..i acted as the disco ball for the night but i didnt mind, retro fever.

I'm thinking of maybe putting up some designs from my dads new local branch of clothing as a shopblog as well as get together some great stuff from the local flea markets and thrift stores, there about a million in bangkok that i love. Could work out great, hit back if you think itll work. I'll still put up some choices and favorites just to let everyone get a feel for the shopping here.

sooo ill create another post with a few collages and pictures i took today of my lookbook-obssessed-dressingup-russhhh.

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