Saturday, January 9, 2010


currently listening to:
bright lights-placebo

soo...lets do this thing.

stomach flu
broken joysticks
nothing to watch on tv
tila tequila? (she spent 30 minutes telling people she wouldnt answer
dried nailpolish
end of winterbreak (joy, my brain needs to start functioning again)
loads of food around and being cut off from eating it (diet restrictions while sick, someone kill the flu)
shallow reality shows
bus carrying footballers machine-gunned in africa

cassie from skins
sleeping for a week
mexican food
lady gagas hair
music video marathon at three in the morning
blackberry messenger
cheesy family movies :)
reliable headphones

currently listening to:
rock your soul- elisa

favorite picks from the spring 2010 shows and collections:

first three photos credited to Marc Jacobs New Spring Collection 2010
fourth credited to Just Cavalli Spring Collection 2010
fifth and sixth credited to Diane Von Furstenburg Spring Cruise Collection 2010

currently listening to:
dog days are over- florence and the machine

thats all for now i guess :)

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